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Pokémon is only a video game! Only you say? One of the best things about Pokémon is that everyone can enjoy Pokémon the way they want. Whether it is playing the video games, collecting the cards, playing the card game, or just enjoying the characters, Pokémon is the only way - ask any child!

Pokémon means "Pocket Monsters" in Japanese. This game was first introduced in Japan in 1996 and was played on a Game Boy. In 1997, it became a cartoon show. These shows were introduced to America in 1998 with the first volume "I choose you, Pikachu!" The latest volumes 17 and 18 are scheduled were released May, 2000. Interestingly, there is only character in the cartoon show that has the same voice in Japan and in America. (Know who it is? - Pikachu!) Pokémon was introduced to Americans in September of 1998, by Nintendo.

Pokémon is a $5 to $6 billion industry that has been licensed in every way imaginable. In addition to the card trading game, sleeping bags, plush toys , Yahtzee, and Monopoly, game variations on the original red, blue, and yellow video games have all been created around Pokémon.

Pokémon combines collecting, trading, exploring and nurturing to create a game that challenges youngsters. This is why Pokémon is so popular. Everyone can be an expert in one of the game's features. Though trading and team cooperation, it helps children develop socially. Perhaps the best feature of Pokémon is that the video game in non-violent. The challenge of Pokémon involves a sporting contest. Video games do not have to be violent to be fun! Three cheers for Pokémon!!!

The actual person responsible for Pokémon, is Satoshi Tajiri. As a child, Satoshi liked to collect insects. One of his favorites was the stag beetle. These beetles were not pinned on boards, but raised as pets. The stag beetle looks a little like Pokémon.

The names in the Japanese version and English version, as well as some of the situations, are different. The only name that hasn't changed is Pikachu. This name in Japanese means spark or flash. Japanese children have a video game that was designed for the Nintendo 64 system that allows them to talk to Pikachu and to watch him respond to their commands. But he only understands Japanese! The character names either describe the appearance of the character or their powers. Take Squirtle (#7), he does look like a turtle, doesn't he? Hypno's (#97) can hypnotize during his attacks. With names like these, it is easy to remember the player's attributes.

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